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Our Staff

Staff List -

Principal : Justin Colley

Deputy Principal Pamela Brown (Georgia)

CALT: Rosemary Palmer (RP) , Renee Gorey, Sheree Doolan , Juanita Davis 

Religious Education Coordinator : Roseline Landsberg

Curriculum  Coordinator & DIP : Cate Cockayne  

Inclusion Coach Co & Prac  : Michelle Abraham

Instructional Coach: Michelle Abraham 

School Executive : Justin, Georgia, Rosie, Cate , CALT 

Principal and Executive Coach : Dr. Phil Standen

NAPLAN Coordinator : Pamela Brown  (Georgia)  

NAPLAN IT Contact : Justin Colley 

WHS and Property Manage : Pamela Brown (Georgia)

Student Well-being Coordinator : Kellie Mayne

Aboriginal Workforce Development Coordinator : Kellie Mayne 

SWD Teacher / Inc. Supp. Prac, & CRT : 

LACS Resident Counsellor : Br Francis Hough 

Aboriginal Literacy Production Centre Co. Cecily Palmer 

Aboriginal Literacy Resource Production : Bernice Cavanagh & Kwementyaye Wallace 

Office Manager : Juanita Davis 

Administration and Reception : Juanita Davis , Thippawan Srijam (Coco) 

Property / Grounds Maintenance : Nathaniel Ryder & Warwick Simmons 

Cleaners : Darcey McMahon 

SNP / Canteen Coordinator & Assistant :  Larissa Kopp

Family / Community Liaison  Officer :  Renee Gorey